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Your CRA-Client Resource Experience

Select preferred links and resources below to access desired information about your financial life.

Investment Advisory Client Account Access - By Custodian  

TD Ameritrade




American Funds

Financial Life Management Client Access - By Preference

GuideCenter is your personal online portal to track and monitor the progress of your entire financial life and engage with your financial life manager anywhere, anytime.  Everything you want to know in a simple, easy-to-understand format to answer the only question that truly matters - "Am I okay?"

*Accessible exclusively by CRA clients engaged in the optional Financial Life Management-Client Experience service. Contact us for more information or for a free test drive.

Download the GuideCenter mobile application on the App Store or Google Play today.


PlanningCenter is your personal online portal to view an up-to-date consolidated view of your entire financial and retirement planning data all in one place - assets, liabilities, income, expenses, document storage...and more. 


ReportCenter provides access to informative and easy to read investment reports exclusively for accounts under CRA management or guidance. Reports are custom tailored just for you!


FREE Retirement Investing Educational Resource
- The Bucket Plan Book

If you are a CRA client and you or someone you know is retiring or already retired, this simple to understand, educational book is an essential must-read to help preserve and grow your assets for a worry-free retirement. Simply fill in your name and e-mail address below, and we'll contact you to find out where to send your complimentary copy of The Bucket Plan book (a $16.79 value on Amazon). Preface written by Christian Cordoba, CFP® and Founder of California Retirement Advisors.